MBA Overview

MBA Course Overview

The two-year MBA program, is a natural extension and consolidation of the mission of Galgotias group. It aims to develop professionals with management excellence, social and cultural sensitivity, ethical responsibility and concern for the environment. It , in the light of the new liberalized and globalized world order.

The program is of two years duration and is divided into four semesters. In the first year of MBA, students are taught the basic and general management skills, including principles of management, basics of marketing, accounting, economics, financial management fundamentals, business communication concepts etc. In their second year students are offered a choice of any two areas of specialization, from Marketing/Human Resources/Finance/Information Technology/International Business, providing the students with a dual specialization after graduating from the MBA program.

A summer internship program of 8 weeks, forms an integral part of the MBA program during which students stay in an organization and study some live managerial problem in an organization, in detail, and offer some solution based on data collected first-hand. This project has to be undertaken between the 2nd and 3rd semesters, and students are evaluated on the basis of the report and the presentations made after completion of the project.

The second project is a Research Project, and is carried out under the guidance of an internal faculty guide. Comprehensive viva forms a part of both the even semesters of the course.

The Department employs a fine blend of pedagogical methods including lectures, case discussions, assignments, seminars, role plays, management games, business quizzes, projects, executive interactions, industrial visits, personality development etc. The basic idea is that students acquire curricula based knowledge, and are simultaneously groomed in such a manner that they increase their employability quotient.

Students are absorbed at entry level in various business organizations, to supervise and manage areas of Marketing and Sales, of a variety of products and services including Fast Moving Consumer Goods, heavy consumer products, industrial goods, services like insurance and banking, or even concept or space selling, Advertising of commercial product, Human Resources and related aspects, like recruitment, training, Organizational Development, Payroll, Grievances, Financial Services like banking, investment, insurance, stock market operations, Production and related operations like inventory management, purchase, delivery, quality control etc. in commercially manufacturing firms. Careers can be made in software sales, database management, or client handling and merchandising in IT enabled businesses. or export business careers in activities like custom house clearance, international client handling, export documentation, Transnational Shipment, packaging, marine insurance, Trade finance. Then of course careers are made in Merchandising, Documentation, Accounting, areas, after pursuing the MBA program.