MCA Overview

MCA Course Overview

The MCA course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of computer science with emphasis on applications together with a judicious blend of technical skills. The duration of the MCA course extends over six semesters, spreading up equally over three academic years. The students have to take 25 courses along with the lab and industry training during the sixth semester. The courses are imparted in the duration of five semesters and sixth semester is dedicated to an Industrial Training.

The syllabus of the first two semesters firmly implants the fundamentals of computer science and applications. In the second year the students delve deeper into computer science and also start learning the tools of the trade. They learn Operating systems, Object Oriented Technology, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Internet and Java Programming, Computer Networks etc.

During the fourth semester they also begin to apply their knowledge with the start of the mini project. This mini project serves as a test bed for their skills and as a platform to consolidate their knowledge and develop a skill set essential to any computer professional.

The fifth semester takes them deeper into computer science with advanced topics and provides them a diverse field to explore.

Some of the career options available to students after completing the MCA program, include Software programming in language like Java, C#, vb.net, ASP.net, PHP etc, Software Testing, to ensure that the software satisfies the quality criteria, Database Administration (DBA) involving storing and retrieving huge volume of data, Networking and hardware related jobs, or Software sales.

The Department is well equipped with state-of-the-art computer labs. Proper synthesis of technology, planning & management in MCA system is stressed upon, keeping in view its impact on the environment, social and economic conditions.